Our store is located in Castelfidardo, the birthplace of the accordion.

Castelfidardo is a town situated in the heart of the Marche region, in Central Italy, and is renowned as the world's leading center for accordion manufacturing, boasting an ancient tradition and craftsmanship.

The headquarters of Castelfidardo Musica is situated within the most prestigious and imposing building in the town: the historic Palazzo Paolo Soprani, where the world's first accordion was crafted.

It was here in Castelfidardo, in 1863, that a young man had the insightful idea of building an accordion.

Shortly thereafter, the young Paolo Soprani, along with his brothers, opened a workshop, and the success of their new instrument was extraordinary.

In 1900, he went to Paris, and within a few years, every Italian immigrant in America wanted to own an accordion imported from Castelfidardo.

The Palazzo Paolo Soprani, home of our shop, was the first production facility, built around 1908, located centrally, just steps away from the town walls.

Inside, the mass production of the instrument was led by the Soprani brothers themselves.

Upon Paolo Soprani's death in 1918, the main hall was used ad a mortuary for exhibit his body, and for the occasion, a new entrance was inaugurated, which now serves as the main entrance and access to the store.

In 2018, to celebrate the centenary of Paolo Soprani's death, Massimo Mazzantini, the store's owner, commissioned a local artist to create a sculpture in homage to the majestic location of Castelfidardo Musica.

Today, tourists and enthusiasts from around the world stop here, especially during the PIF - International Accordion Prize -, which annually crowns international champions in various categories, and the World Cup - La Coupe Mondiale CIA -, which in 2024 is hosted in Castelfidardo.


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Castelfidardo offers various tourist attractions, and many of these are a tribute to the entrepreneur Paolo Soprani and the ancient production of accordions.

The village is located on a gentle hill between two rivers, the Aspio and the Musone. Castelfidardo is in the province of Ancona and is surrounded by meadows and plowed fields; in the distance, you can see Mount Conero, the Adriatic coast, and the forest of Castelfidardo.

Just 10 minutes away are the famous Basilica of Loreto and the town of Recanati, known for being the birthplace of the poet Leopardi.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT "Castelfidardo and surroundings".

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