Castelfidardo Musica originates from an idea by Massimo Mazzantini, founded in 2000. Massimo was born in 1954. A life entirely devoted to his greatest passion, music: he studied Double Bass at the Pergolesi Institute in Ancona, and continued his journey as a multi-instrumentalist, later dedicating himself to Piano tuning, also working for renowned artists like Giovanni Allevi. At a young age, he invented and patented a double repetition system for Upright Piano. For fifteen years, he worked at an Accordion company, gaining experience in repair and tuning.

In the year 2000, he fully dedicated himself to his own store, Castelfidardo Musica, aiming to carry the best brands of musical instruments on the international scene, with a particular focus on local production. In 2008, the business took a significant leap in quality with the move to a new location: the historic Temple of the accordion, the Soprani Palace. There is where Castelfidardo Musica is housed, within the imposing and classical structure of the Paolo Soprani palace, which represents the most significant private building in Castelfidardo.

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Built in the early decades of the 20th century by Paolo Soprani, the founder of the Accordion Industry, it was partly used as the Soprani family residence until the 1980s. 

With the move to the new location, Castelfidardo Musica dedicated most of its spaces to the exhibition of accordions and diatonic accordions, continuing to be a reference point for the sale of other instruments such as guitars, basses, string instruments, drums, digital pianos, etc. 

Over the years, while continuing to sell other instruments, it specialized in the distribution of accordions, eventually hosting a wide selection of over two hundred intstruments ready for delivery. 

For a brief period, it showcased the world's largest accordion, awarded the Guinness World Record: a gigantic work of art produced by a craftsman from Castelfidardo, standing 253 cm tall and 150 cm wide. 

Entering Castelfidardo Musica is like stepping into the world of the Accordion: it becomes a must-visit for every tourist or enthusiast. 

The magnificent display of musical instruments gains fame, and Massimo begins to broaden his horizons, defining a team of specialized individuals: repairers, decorators, producers. 

He soon feels the need to produce accordions and diatonic organs under his own name, in order to offer a product capable of covering a specific market segment. The brands "Il Mazzantino" and "Castellani" begin to spread with online and local sales, finding interest abroad as well with considerable success.

Meanwhile, his daughter takes over, who, with years of piano studies behind her, starts to develop a passion for the accordion. She decides to leverage her Design studies to offer Castelfidardo Musica customers a "tailor-made" experience, including the possibility of purchasing a customized instrument. An example is the special model "UNICA," a collector's piece from the Paolo Soprani Brand, created on our commission to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the brand.

The direct contact and collaboration with companies are certainly the strengths of Castelfidardo Musica, combined with Massimo's years of experience and that of his team.

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