Castelfidardo Musica works directly and actively with manufacturers of free-reed instruments, often participating in initiatives for the launch of limited-edition capsule collections.

An example of this is the special model "UNICA," a collector's piece from the Paolo Soprani brand, created on our commission to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the brand. It is the most prestigious model ever produced by Paolo Soprani, featuring a double cassotto, interchangeable printed bellows with gold finishes, mother-of-pearl body, and an elegant and minimal logo design. A collector's item born out of the desire to pay tribute to the great entrepreneur Paolo Soprani by proposing his bust on the bellows: a new idea resulting from careful study by Massimo Mazzantini - owner of Castelfidardo Musica - who, together with his daughter, a former design student, has devised a method to make the image reconstructible from a precise angle.

This is just one of the most representative examples of customization possibilities.

This service offers the opportunity to adapt the product to the specific needs of the customer, giving it an identity to make it unique and recognizable.

Our experience, the result of careful research and product care, and our close relationship with the designers of the manufacturing companies, allow us to provide - for selected models - a custom product to the customer without the compromises of a standard proposal.

It is possible to customize:

- the color and the finish of the body,

- the color and the finish of the keys,

- the color and the finish of the buttons (and sharps),

- the color of the metal finishes,

- the internal and external color of the bellows,

as well as the possibility of adding personalized decorations.

We work with the best companies and local craftsmen to meet, if possible, your needs.

Contact us with your requirements, and we will respond within 48 working hours to inform you of the feasibility and provide an indicative quote.

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