Castelfidardo Musica offers a wide selection of second-hand products from the best Italian and international brands. In our store, a room is dedicated to the display of these instruments, which are carefully inspected, cleaned, and rechecked to ensure they are in excellent condition in order to guarantee the customer full satisfaction and the security of a convenient purchase. 

Our selection satisfies two particular needs: on one hand, for those who are looking to buy, the desire to play a quality instrument at a more accessible price, and on the other hand, for those who are selling, the opportunity to get rid of a product they no longer use in exchange for financial return or something else.

Castelfidardo Musica offers you the opportunity to sell authentic instruments in good condition that you no longer use! 

Sending us a sales proposal is easy:

Photograph your instrument from as many angles as possible (details, angles, and if possible, the interior). Make sure it is photographed from every angle and perspective, in order to have a clear vision of the product.

Fill out the form below, providing your personal information, the technical details of the instrument (if known), the approximate purchase date, the amount of money you intend to receive, and including the photos.

Within approximately 48 working hours, you will receive an email with a potential purchase acceptance and our quotation. If you accept our evaluation, you will be contacted to coordinate the pick-up by one of our couriers at your home. We ask you to carefully prepare the shipment of the product, ensuring that your instrument is well protected: carefully place the product in a sturdy cardboard packaging and make sure to seal it securely. It is very important that the package does not get damaged or open during shipment. Regarding the package measurements, please use a cardboard box of the right capacity based on the number and size of the items inside. If the packaging is not secure, Castelfidardo Musica does not guarantee responsibility for any potential damage.

The Castelfidardo Musica staff will verify the conditions and authenticity of the instrument when it arrives at our headquarters. If there is no conformity with the description or the conditions are not suitable according to our selection criteria, Castelfidardo Musica reserves the right to return the merchandise to the seller.

Once the authentication and quality control process is completed by our team, you will receive a notification via email. If one or more products have been rejected for not meeting the quality standards, they will be returned to your address shortly, and a management fee of €10.00 will be applied in addition to the shipping costs.

WARNING: Please note that, due to the high volume of sales requests we are receiving, a rigorous selection is carried out by our Team. 

We specify that we reserve the right to accept or reject requests based on the specific characteristics of the instrument, our availability in-store, market demand, and the amount of money the customer intends to receive.

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